Protestors march in Istanbul in support of Uighurs

Hundreds of people in Istanbul joined a march on Friday to protest China’s human rights violations in East Turkistan against Uighurs, Anadolu Agency reported

During the Silent Scream march, organised by Turkey’s Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), protestors held up banners that read “Chinese Invaders Get Out of East Turkistan,” “Independence For East Turkistan,” “Close the Concentration Camps” and “Freedom for People of East Turkistan”.

Human rights advocates say the Chinese government has detained as many as 3 million Uighurs in what it calls re-education camps, described by many as modern-day concentration camps. While Uighurs say they have been targeted for their religious beliefs, Beijing says the camps address extremist ideologies.

Protestors in Istanbul also praised Arsenal’s Turkish-German midfielder Mesut Özil, who last week on social media blasted Muslims for failing to speak up on the ongoing oppression against the Uighurs. 

“Mesut Özil’s honourable behaviour inspired us... Everybody should raise their voice against this tyrant like Mesut did,” Adem Adil, a protester marching with the crowd, told Reuters. 

China’s state broadcaster CCTV pulled Arsenal matches from its schedule over Özil’s comments, and the Chinese distributor of Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 deleted the player from the video game.
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