With access ban lifted, Uber returns to Istanbul

Uber Turkey on Tuesday announced that the U.S. ride based company was back to service in Istanbul after the access block to its mobile application in Turkey had been completely lifted.

The ride-sharing service’s mobile application had been banned in Oct. 2019 after an Istanbul court ruled that Uber maintained unfair competition over the megacity’s taxi drivers in a case filed by the Istanbul Taxi Drivers Association.

“Hello again to all Istanbul residents,’’ Uber Turkey said on its Twitter account. “The access ban to Uber in Turkey has been lifted as of today, in line with a court decison.’’

Last month, the Turkish Court of Appeals in Turkey ruled to lift the access ban to Uber’s mobile application in a move that allows for the vehicles of the ride-sharing service to operate alongside the city’s taxis.

Uber entered Turkey in 2014, posing a threat to the some 17,400 taxis operating in the country, particularly in Istanbul, home to 16 million people. The feud in some instances resulted in violent attacks against Uber drivers.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s government consistently sided with taxi drivers in the years-long feud between Uber and the local taxi unions.