Germany home to 11 ‘dangerous’ radical Islamist Turks - German police

Out of the 330 people living in Germany who were classified as ‘dangerous’ over their religious ideology, 11 are Turkish citizens, according to the security forces’ response to an inquiry by right-wing politician Martin Hess.

As of July 1, 186 people on the ‘dangerous’ list were radical Islamists who hold German citizenship or are dual citizens, daily BirGün reported on Wednesday, citing Germany’s DPA news agency.

Foreigners on the list include 61 Syrian, 17 Iraqi, and 13 Russian nationals. Citizenship information could not be obtained for eight people on the list, while two others were found to be stateless.

One person on the list holds Afghan citizenship, while seven more Afghan nationals are listed as persons of interest.

The dangerous list includes persons suspected of possibly carrying out terrorist attacks or commit politically-motivated violence. The classification requires objective evidence, according to the DPA.

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