Survey finds negative outlook on Turkey at five year high of 65 pct

Turkish citizens who believe the country is taking a turn for the worse register at 65 percent, the highest figure in five years, according to the latest findings of a monthly survey conducted by Ankara-based pollster MetroPoll.

A total of 64 percent of participants said that Turkey’s economic prosperity has worsened over the last year, Birgün newspaper cited the "Turkey's Pulse" (Türkiye'nin Nabzı) survey for Dec. 2020 as saying.

Only eight percent of those surveyed said the conditions for subsistence in the country had improved, registering the lowest figure in the history of the survey, Birgün said.

Turkey was already battered by a 2018 currency crisis and double-digit inflation when the coronavirus pandemic swept through the country in March. 

Meanwhile, the lira has lost about a quarter of its value this year, pushing up the price of many goods, while unemployment registers at 12.7 percent, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK).

Eighty percent of those surveyed said the inflation rate in Turkey was higher than the 14 percent announced by TÜİK, with a majority, 51 percent, saying that actual inflation was closer to 30 percent.

Meanwhile, when asked about the coronavirus vaccine, almost half, 48.5 percent, of those surveyed said they did not plan to get the vaccine. 

Only 12 percent of those surveyed said Russia was a reliable ally for Turkey, while this figure climbed slightly to 18 percent for the United States.

A total of 57 percent said neither country was reliable, the Metropoll survey found.