Turkey working on new system to counter drone swarms

Turkey is currently a developing a new system that will allow its security forces to fend off drone swarms that can double as an assault drone, the pro-government Daily Sabah reported on Sunday. 

Called Fedai, and developed by Turkey's Havelsan software company together with Transvaro, the system is designed to provide defense against attacks by drones. The system, according to Transvaro's Güray Ali Canlı, can also be modified to perform  “kamikaze drone” missions against targets like tanks, other armored vehicles and infantry formations. 

Canlı said that Fedai was developed with recent studies from around the world on how to defeat drones swarm in mind. He added that the system would be tested some time later this month. 

Havelsan manager Nezih Şişma added that Fedai was being designed with protecting large facilities from attack, defending security forces from other drones, and ensuring the safety of critical infrastrucuture in mind.   

Turkey has become a leader in the field of drones and drone warfare. The country’s feared Bayraktar TB-2 drone has notched up notable successes in Syria, Libya and in Nagorno-Karabakh against enemy forces.

 Today, Turkish drones are being operated by a number of Turkish partners including Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Poland and Qatar while others like Pakistan and Kazakhstan have expressed interest in making purchases.


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