I write for Ahval because writing is taking action

Let me begin with congratulations to the entire Ahval team, which has embraced 21st century journalism and been a big part of my life for the past year, and by placing a kiss on the cheek of every one of the independent writers, illustrators, and thinkers contributing to our emerging online news outlet. My respect and love also go to Atilla Yeşilada, who helped me become a part of this organisation, and Yavuz Baydar, who helped me follow my head.

Particularly in such a difficult time, it's not easy to succeed working with people who are dissimilar to us without losing one's mind, without getting angry or attacking each other, and without diverging from the facts. But we've been able to do that, and so much more. 

Living in today's Turkey is quite dangerous, like wearing a shrinking straight-jacket. The area in which you can move gradually becomes narrower and narrower. Living in this country today is like falling into a parallel universe where the equilibrium between reality and lies has now broken down at the highest level.

The beauty of humanity has been abandoned to the plunder of the masses. It's become necessary to row every day against this tide in order to breathe, to take a step forward, to dream, and to remain free.

I've always been in what may be the most fortunate part of this country. I was born to a modest family in the liberal city of Izmir, and brought up to believe in the merits of education, morality, and truth. When I had something to say, people listened to me. I practised thinking, discussion, and compromise.

As a girl and now as a woman, I have received support and motivation so that I could do anything if I wanted it and worked for it. In the years when I started working, I was lucky to have worked with bosses who knew how to think, create, and support others. 

Twenty years later, as an economist and as an opinionated person who said goodbye to corporate life due to the self-censorship but still has a lot to say, it was crucial that I find an open and free platform on which to express myself.    

Economics is about examining human welfare and thinking of ways to increase it. Distinguishing between what is real and what is not, and putting it into writing, can be an invaluable service. 

While living under such harsh conditions, it's important for me to able to tell my little girl that I did whatever I could during this time. Because writing is taking action. At Ahval, this protest is rekindled every single day. I've been part of Ahval's exciting existence from the beginning. Lucky me!


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