K-pop band delights Turkish fans with upbeat Anatolian dance at fan meet

A South Korean pop music band payed a tribute to its Turkish fans by performing a an upbeat dance popular in Turkish weddings during a livestreamed fan meeting organized by the Korean Cultural Centre on Sunday.

A.C.E. stepped to the beats of central Anatolian song “Erik Dalı,’’ (plum branch), a wedding favourite across the country that draws large crowds to the dance floor.

The band appeared in modern versions of traditional Korean robes called hanboks as they moved in unison.

“We heard that this dance was performed when there was something to celebrate, so we wanted to prepare something (for the fans),” a band member said.

The pop stars, called “idols” in South Korea, went on to taste tested Turkish treats like baklava and Turkish delight during the progamme.

The band, whose members include Jun, Donghun, Wow, Kim Byeongkwan and Chan, debuted in 2017 with their single, Cactus, and have won several awards since.   

K-pop is hugely popular in Turkey, especially among the younger generation, and the country is among the top 20 markets for the Korean export, according to Forbes.

Bands like BTS and Exo take the lion’s share of Turkish fans, but many smaller groups can grow their significant fan bases, as well.

The Korean Cultural Centre organizes frequent meet-ups and online events on South Korean language, food, music and arts.

The most recent K-pop festival was held in August, together with contests for dancing and singing.

“The Spanish do it way better,” one Twitter user chimed, sharing a video of a Flamenco dancers performing to the same song.