Greek PM: Turkey must either uphold international law or engage in provocation

Turkey must choose whether it wants to uphold international law or engage in provocation and “must know the consequences of its choices in each case,” Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Friday, the Greek daily Kathimerini reported

Mitsotakis made the comments at a press conference following the EU summit in Brussels. 

Referring to the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean, where Turkey and Greece have disputes over maritime boundaries and rights to exploit resources, the Greek premier also stressed the importance of that sea for Europe’s energy needs. 

“What is happening in the Eastern Mediterranean now has a geopolitical and energy significance for the EU,” he said. 

He also said that both Greece and Cyprus have briefed the European Council on the latest developments in the Eastern Mediterranean. 

On the issue of immigration, Mitsotakis welcomed the final text from the summit, which instructs Turkey to abide by the 2016 agreement between it on the EU, under which Ankara is obligated to prevent the inflow of migrants into Europe over Greece’s border. 

The Greek premier also said that he had called on the European Council and European Commission to introduce new measures and funding to protect Europe’s borders more effectively, the news site Greek City Times reported

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