Greece calls Turkey the ‘common denominator’ of trouble in the region

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias called Turkey “the common denominator” when it comes to threats to the region’s stability on Friday, Associated Press reported.

Dendias said that Belarus’s use of migrants to pressure Europe was a tactic it had copied from Ankara, which last year sparked a standoff on the Greek-Turkish border when thousands of migrants and asylum seekers arrived there.

“Unfortunately the common denominator of many of the challenges that we face in this region … is our neighbour Turkey,” Dendias said.

He made the remark during a meeting of foreign ministers from France, Egypt, and Cyprus, in Athens.

Greece and Turkey are locked in numerous maritime disputes in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean, where Turkey is drilling for hydrocarbons in waters claimed by Greece and in the Republic of Cyprus’s exclusive economic zone.

These disputes almost led to conflict in 2020. However, since January they have held several talks in an attempt to reduce tensions and resolve this dispute. So far, these talks have not led to an agreement.

Greece is also undergoing a multi-billion modernisation program of its navy and air force.
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