Turkish unemployment rate climbs to nine-month high

Unemployment in Turkey increased to the highest level since July last year, according to official data published on Thursday.

The jobless rate rose to 13.9 percent in April from 13 percent in March, the Turkish Statistical Institute said. It had stood at 13.7 percent in April last year.

Non-farm unemployment grew to 16.2 percent from 14.9 percent in March.

Turkey’s government has sought to curb increases in unemployment by barring companies from laying off workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses can place employees on unpaid leave instead. The ban, extended in late April, is due to expire at the end of this month.

Youth unemployment increased to 25.6 percent in April from 25.5 percent the previous month.

Employment in industry fell by 212,000 to 5.99 million. In the services sector, it declined by 52,000 to 15.2 million. Employment among the working age population stood at 44.2 percent, or 28.1 million. The rate was 27.4 percent for women, or 8.79 million.