Turkey will mass produce locally-built Hürjet

Turkey will mass produce its locally-built Hürjet, a jet trainer and light attack aircraft, Hurriyet Daily News reported on Thursday.

The Defence Industry Executive Committee revealed this in a statement following a meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Wednesday.

Turkey has scheduled the Hürjet’s first flight for 2023, the country’s centennial. Ankara hopes to use the Hürjet as a trainer for fifth-generation aircraft, Hurriyet reported.

It will have an advanced mission computer and radar. Hurriyet also claimed that the jets “air and ground communications capabilities will reduce threats and risks.”

The Hürjet will be 13.4 meters long and have a wingspan of 11 meters and, according to Hurriyet, “will aim to provide environmental security in offensive operations.”

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), the manufacturer of the Hürjet, planned to start production of the aircraft by the end of 2021.

Last April, TAI Training Aircraft Program Manager Tuncay Çopur claimed the Hürjet could potentially be used on the upcoming Turkish Navy flagship, the TCG Anadolu amphibious assault ship.

“It will also have the infrastructure to land on and take off from the upcoming light aircraft of our Naval Forces Command (DzKK), and our discussions with the navy on this are ongoing,” Çopur told pro-government Turkish media at the time.

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