Turkey’s state-run TRT received almost $1 billion in public funding in three years – report

Turkey’s state-run network TRT has received 7.2 billion liras ($971 million) in public funding between the years 2017-2019, according to a new report by the country’s Radio and Television Council.

The network maintains 5,300 square metres of facilities, where it hosts 26 television studios, 21 radio stations and 23 radio production studios,  among others, with production and broadcasting also taking place in TRT’s Washington and London offices, Sözcü newspaper cited the report as saying on Sunday.

TRT, which has come under fire for conducting propaganda for the Turkish government, had not released an activity report in three years, prompting speculation on its income and expenditures.

The public funding received by the network comprised the amount that went to TRT from bills paid by and items purchased by the public, Sözcü said.

The report also highlighted that the 16 channel TRT network’s income was “much lower’’ than the state-run networks of many other countries.

Last year, TRT World was forced to register as a foreign agent with the U.S. Department of Justice and disclose that it is supervised and financed by Turkish government-dominated public institutions.

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