Experts baffled by Trump’s Turkey-Kurds comments on pandemic question

Analysts turned to one another for clarity on Twitter after U.S. President Donald Trump’s comments that Turkey had signed an unspecified deal with Kurdish groups in Syria.

In a seemingly haphazard fashion during a Fox News interview broadcasted on Tuesday, the U.S. president spoke about the animosity between Turkey and Kurdish forces in Syria, when asked about social distancing measures to fight the spread of coronavirus in the United States.

“I said ‘Sign a deal’. Get it done. They really didn’t want to. All of a sudden they start fighting. Fighting, fighting, fighting. And it was vicious, and other countries got involved. Now I say ‘Let’s sign a deal’, they said ‘Okay, let’s sign a deal’”, Trump said, referring to a deal between the two sides.

Observers were quick to take to Twitter with their confusion.

“Trump bizarrely compares his decision to recommend social distancing guidelines to Erdogan signing a deal with the Kurds, as both leaders didn't want to do it but felt obligated to,” tweeted Aaron Rupar, a journalist for U.S. news outlet Vox.

“He (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan) has not signed a deal with Kurds. Have no idea what Trump is talking about,” wrote Aslı Aydıntaşbaş, a fellow at the European Council on foreign relations

“Trump wanders into a weird comment about Turkey & the Kurds (!) to show how he makes deals. He is strangely unhinged mentally,” physician and psychiatry professor John Talmadge commented.