Turkish mafia leader to talk about Erdoğan’s son-in-law, top businessman

Infamous Turkish mobster-turned-YouTuber Sedat Peker has announced the focus of his upcoming tell-all video to be released on June 13.

“Don’t think I’ve forgotten you,” Peker tweeted on Monday, addressing media mogul Yıldırım Demirören. “I will carve you out with the OYAK file on Sunday.”

Peker was making an apparent reference to Demirören selling his stake in energy companies Total and Milangaz to the Turkish military retirement fund OYAK for $450 million last year.

“The coordinator for that job, Berat Albayrak, will also be my guest,” Peker continued.

Albayrak, former finance minister and son-in-law to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, hasn’t been seen in public since he resigned in November in an Instagram post, citing health reasons.

Finally, Peker addressed Cem Küçük, a pro-government media personality notorious for his frequent and vicious attacks on opposition figures, calling him a “fake intelligence agent”, and saying he would take Küçük on “if there is a gap on Sunday”.

“Don’t hold back,” Küçük tweeted soon after in response. “We will see who is left where after this is over.” He deleted the tweet later.

In a separate series of tweets, Peker took on Esat Toklu, chief judge in the Ankara Regional Administrative Court, who he said “got rich in the last five years” and accused of involvement with Sezgin Baran Korkmaz, a businessman involved in a money laundering and fraud scheme in the United States.

In his previous video Peker had alleged that Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu tipped Korkmaz off to leave the country to avoid arrest over an investigation into his financial activities.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Peker addressed Soylu, saying, “The correct question is this: Did you meet with Sezgin Baran Korkmaz at the Interior Ministry on Dec. 4? Why did this man then flee abroad on the 5th?”

Peker went on to say that Soylu would inevitably face trial over his alleged crimes.

On Monday Toklu spoke to Deutsche Welle Turkish, denying Peker’s accusations and saying he was going to press charges.

Peker was set to air his grievances against Erdoğan last week in his ninth video, but announced he was postponing the move until after the Turkish president meets with his U.S. counterpart Joe Biden on June 14 on the sidelines of the NATO summit in Brussels.

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