Ex-Erdoğan security advisor offering assassination training - report

A defence consultancy belonging to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s former security advisor has begun offering assassination training.

SADAT announced the training on its website as the Protection Course Training Programme, noting it includes ‘’physical fitness and toughness training, first aid ,VIP and vehicle protection’’ that features the ‘’usage of instruments such as various arms / weapons, boats, electronic simulation systems and first aid simulation systems.’’

At the end of the course, candidates gain the skills of ’’basic protection techniques person, building, vehicle and region protection, first aid and assassination techniques,’’ SADAT said.

Adnan Tanrıverdi, the founder of the Turkish government-sponsored paramilitary SADAT Defence Consultancy, is a retired Turkish army general who is reported to have been dismissed from the Turkish Armed Forces due to his Islamist leanings.

SADAT is a private security firm that offers training in unconventional warfare, sharp shooting, and ground war, anti-tank and anti-armoured vehicle methods.

The aim of SADAT is “to establish a defensive collaboration and defensive industrial cooperation among Islamic Countries to help Islamic World,” according to company’s English website.

While serving as key advisor to Erdoğan, Tanrıverdi proposed the establishment of an Islamic state in which Istanbul is the capital and Arabic is the official language, Cumhuriyet said.

SADAT’s assassination training offer arrives as the AKP administration peddles rumours of another coup in Turkey citing various events as an indication. Sadat's role during July 15 2016 coup attempt remains a hotly debated and unresolved issue.

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