Jan 10 2019

Turkish ministry launches project to encourage students to go to mosques

Turkish Ministry of Education has signed a protocol with a non-governmental association to teach students during mid-term holidays the habit of going to mosques, Cumhuriyet newspaper reported on Thursday.

Some 50,000 students across Turkey are to be encouraged to pray five times a day in mosques and learn prayers as a part of the project to be implemented by the ministry and Server Youth and Sports Club.

The students will receive points for going to prayers and learning prayers in the Quran so as to increase incentives to take part in the project, Cumhuriyet said. 

The project targets students between ages six and 13 and divides them in three groups in terms of the prayers they are expected to be able to summarise

The project entitled “Children, let’s go to mosques” aims to teach children the notion of joining prayers in mosques and the knowledge that going to mosques is a national and moral responsibility, the organisation said.