Turkey’s top court to discuss Kavala's detention after rapporteur assessment

Turkey’s Constitutional Court is set to discuss the imprisonment of civil-society activist and businessman Osman Kavala following an individual appeal against the renowned activist’s detention, independent news site T24 reported on Tuesday.

A rapporteur of Turkey's Constitutional Court has said the imprisonment Kavala is a violation of rights, it said.
Kavala, arrested on charges of trying to overthrow the government and the constitutional order during Gezi Park protests in Turkey in 2013, has been in pretrial detention since Nov. 1, 2017. He will appear in court for the first time on June 24.

"If the Constitutional Court decides in the same direction as the rapporteur, Kavala will be released before the trial on June 24," the news site said, noting the court is to convene on the matter on May 22.

Kavala is known for his works in the reconciliation efforts between Turks and the country's minorities. He had been involved in charitable projects consist of organising cultural and civil society initiatives to ease historical issues within Turkey.