Mission Statement

At Ahval, democracy is at the very core of our values. We unconditionally commit, therefore, to freedom of expression and editorial independence in what we report and comment. It is what we stand for.

We shall abide by our strict code of ethics and staunchly defend the honour of our profession. We are not the mouthpiece of any interest group, nor are we part of any activist movement.

''Nothing but the truth'' is our motto.

For the Ahval team, unfettered access to information for our readers, in Turkey and around the world, is sacred. At a time of unprecedented pressure on the media in Turkey and growing challenges elsewhere, we pledge to cover events accurately, fairly, impartially; with honesty, balance and diversity; enhancing faith and confidence in ourselves and the industry as a whole.

Our respect for the public's right to be informed will remain unmoved.

To achieve our goals, we rely on the unique talents of our contributors, journalists and editors. They will tell stories, scrutinize the structures of power and explain the events that shape our world in their broader context.

In these troubled times, the intrusion of fake news threatens the democratic order and whips up radicalisation. Facts, an essential component of freedom and knowledge, have become wounded bystanders or collateral damage in an increasingly conflicted world. We need, therefore, to share the facts; and analyse them rationally.

At all times, we will seek to promote transparency and knowledge, uncovering the thoughts behind the actions and the truth behind the spin. 

Journalists and commentators are never beyond criticism. Therefore, we will always maintain the highest standards. We will be accountable. Therefore, we welcome contributions from all our readers and will correct any inaccuracies fully and promptly.



From the Publisher 


Ahval is designed to to connect with readers’ demand for well-informed and well-edited analysis and opinion about Turkey.

Our contributing writers may have opinions which they state openly, but as publisher, we have no ideological or political axe to grind. Nor does Ahval bend before other commercial interests.

Ahval’s only business is journalism. It supports journalists doing their best work, and the only direction it points them is to where the facts lead.

Transparency is its greatest asset along with the trust of its readers.

Salwa Rezgi
Ahval News Ltd



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