Kurdish party closure in Turkey aimed at destroying hope for Kurds

The main goal of targeting the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) is to destroy hope among Kurds, co-chair Mithat Sancar said, following a Turkish prosecutor’s attempt to shut the party down.

“What they do to HDP is persecution, oppression and evil, but we know how to resist. They will not succeed,” Sancar said, Diken news website reported on Monday.

Turkey’s Chief Public Prosecutor filed a lawsuit at the Constitutional Court for the closure of the pro-Kurdish opposition HDP on Wednesday. The indictment prepared by Bekir Şahin accuses HDP members of “aiming to disrupt and destroy the unbreakable unity of the state with its nation with their statements and actions”. The indictment also calls for banning 687 HDP members from politics for five years.

The move to prosecute the HDP will go down in the history of law as a great shame, Sancar said in a statement during the Newroz celebrations in northeastern Diyarbakır province on Sunday.

This government is constantly doing harm to the country and its people, Sancar said. "This power is putschist, this power is the symbol of evil,” he said.

“So, let's shut down the HDP. But what are you going to do with these people? Where will you shut down these people, what power is enough to stop this belief?” Sancar said.

“We will continue our insistence on democratic politics with the strength we get from our people. We will open new ways to realise our people's desire for democracy, peace and freedom.”