State's housing denial for bachelors in Hasankeyf a rights violation - top Turkish court

A state decision to exclude bachelors from housing rights as part of a resettlement plan in the town of Hasankeyf in southeastern Turkey is a violation of rights, Turkey’s Constitutional Court ruled on Tuesday.

A stipulation that prevents singles to qualify for purchasing residential property with state-supported financing is violation of property rights, CNN Türk news site cited the court ruling as saying. 

Residents of Hasankeyf have been displaced by a huge controversial dam, which has effectively submerged their homes, and are in the process of being relocated to a new government-built town above the rising waters of the Tigris River.

The ruling by Turkey’s top court arrives after Hasankeyf resident Nuriye Arpa took legal action after being denied a housing unit by the Turkish public housing authority, TOKİ, on the basis that she failed to be designated as a “family” in accordance with Article 17 of Turkey’s Housing Law 5543.

Arpa was refused to acquire housing among the 710 residences built by TOKİ, CNN Türk said, prompting the woman apply to a local then appeals court before taking the matter to Turkey’s Constitutional Court.

The ruling is expected to set  a precedent for the other over a dozen bachelors TOKİ housing in Hasankeyf, CNN Türk said, citing Arpa’s lawyer.

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