Opposition party files appeals for reversal of Istanbul public transport fee hikes

Turkey’s newly established Future Party (FP) filed on Monday filed appeals with an Istanbul court and consumer protection watchdog for the reversal of transportation fee hikes in Turkey’s largest city, news site T24 reported.

The Istanbul provincial directorate of the party formed by former Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu is demanding the reversal of a 56 percent increase for use of an undersea highway tunnel in the city and the 35 percent increase to city’s public transpiration fees, T24 said.

The Future Party filed appeals with the Consumer Arbitration Committee and Istanbul court, respectively, it said.

"These exorbitant and unmeasured price hikes, which far exceed the announced inflation rates, are too heavy a burden for Istanbul residents to bare,’’ FP Istanbul Chairman İsa Mesih Şahin said.

Turkish authorities increased earlier this month the fee for using the Eurasia Tunnel under the Bosporus to 36.40 liras ($ 6.08) and 54.70 liras ($ 9.14) for cars and minibuses respectively, from 23.30 ($ 3.90) and 34.90 liras ($ 5.83).

The city’s public transport fee also saw a hike of 35 percent this month, with officials citing the alleviation of transport sector losses in the country.