Turkish news websites receive fake court orders asking removal of several articles – report

Diken and Gazete Duvar, two Turkish news websites received fake court orders asking the removal of several articles they have published, Bianet news website reported on Monday.

The fake orders appeared as if they had been issued by the same judge, Yaman Akdeniz, a lawyer from the Freedom of Expression Association (İFÖD) said via his social media on Friday, Bianet said.

Here is a reproduction of the full report below:

Diken and Gazete Duvar news portals received fake court orders demanding the removal of several articles, a lawyer from the Freedom of Expression Association (İFÖD) has revealed.

Fake court orders had the same number and appeared as if they had been issued by the same judge, Yaman Akdeniz said on Twitter on Friday.

According to the fake documents, the orders were issued by a Bakırköy court, but the judge whose name was written in the documents is in charge of a Gaziosmanpaşa court, another district court, Akdeniz said.

Gazete Duvar received the fake order in July and Diken received it in September, he noted.

The service of summons that was sent to Diken was also fake, Akdeniz said.

"When the postal tracking number on this fake envelope is queried, it is understood that it was sent by a Gaziosmanpaşa court. However, on the fake envelope, Bakırköy court’s name was written," he said.

Gazete Duvar filed a criminal complaint for forgery of official documents but prosecutors dismissed the complaint because an original document did not exist.

"There is serious fraud and some news articles are attempted to be removed by sending fake orders to news websites. We don't know at the moment to whom these face orders were also  sent and how many articles were removed," Akdeniz said.


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