Turks among keenest bitcoin advocates – report

Turkey is one of the countries where bitcoin is welcomed the most, helping to offset an alleged global decline in trust in cryptocurrencies, BTC manager reported.

A study by ING shows that the percentage of the population that believes in cryptos is slowly decreasing. Turkey, along with Poland and Romania, are exceptions to a trend showing that people do not think the currencies will be an integral part of the financial system, BTC Manager said.

A massive 36 percent of people in a sample survey in Turkey would be willing to receive their salaries in bitcoin, according to the website.

The accuracy of a recent study covering 12 countries may have been compromised by its small sample size, BTC Manager said.  Just 13 percent of people in Austria were positive about the development of the currencies, it said.

Lack of trust could also be attributable to a large number of scams. But regulators and investors see short-term volatility in bitcoin’s price as the biggest drawback, the website said.

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