Turkish TV halts broadcasts following threat of seizure by Turkish gov’t - report

Private Turkish television broadcaster Olay TV, which started broadcasting in its new office building in Istanbul with its newly hired staff on November 30, is closing down, opposition Odatv reported on Tuesday.

Olay TV is owned by Turkish business magnate Cavit Çağlar and Süleyman Sarılar was its editor-in-chief. It has been broadcasting for a month now, but is soon closing down.

Opposition Odatv claimed that the decision to close down arrives after Çağlar was informed by pro-government sources his assets could be seized through the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund of Turkey (TMSF).

Odatv further claimed that Çağlar was asked to hire pro-government Kanal 7 employees for Olay TV in order to continue broadcasting.

Odatv said that Cavit Çağlar would cite pandemic conditions as a reason for the closure. Editor-in-chief Süleyman Sarılar and his team will make a statement in the coming days, the site reported.

Olay TV hired a number of high-profile critical journalists and appeared to be ready to take on the government.

Çağlar is known with his good relations with both the Turkish government, and Russian government and also reportedly played a very instrumental role during the reconciliation process between Russia and Turkey, months after Turkey downed Russian jet in Nov. 2015. Çaglar received the Russian Order of Friendship on Nov. 4, 2017 for his contribution in Turkish-Russian relations during the normalisation period between the two countries.

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