Erdoğan reappoints bureaucrats sacked by ex-Finance Minister Albayrak

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has re-appointed to a top court a number of bureaucrats dismissed by former Finance Minister and his son-in-law Berat Albayrak, Cumhuriyet newspaper reported on Saturday.

The re-appointments of four officials sacked by Albayrak from the Ministry of Treasury and Finance in January arrives a week after the unexpected resignation of the former minister as the lira has dropped to record lows.

Ali Karatürk, Muammer Çolak, Ertan Erüz and Mustafa İlhan - all former top level officials at the ministry - have been appointed to the Court of Accounts as prosecutors following a decree signed by Erdoğan on Friday, Cumhuriyet said. 

The four are among the close to 20 top-level bureaucrats sacked by Albayrak in a move that raised eyebrows earlier this year.

Erdoğan’s 42-year old son-in-law cited unspecified health reasons for his decision to step down as finance and treasury minister, according to a statement posted on his official Instagram account on Nov. 8.

The move followed the decision of Erdoğan to fire the central bank chief, which experts believe was sparked by the Turkish president’s frustration with the use of tens of billions of dollar reserves in the failed effort to prop up the ailing lira, which has registered record-breaking lows against the U.S. dollar in recent weeks.