Turkey’s Akıncı drone completes new engine flight test

Turkey’s new Bayraktar Akıncı drone successfully completed a flight test with new engines on Wednesday, pro-government Daily Sabah reported.

The Akıncı B took off with two 750 horsepower engines and remained airborne for an hour and 16 minutes. The test flight was conducted from drone manufacturer Baykar’s training and test centre near the city of Tekirdağ.

“Bayraktar Akıncı B met the sky!” the company said in a social media post alongside a video of the test. 

Selçuk Bayraktar, Baykar’s Chief Technology Officer and son-in-law to Turkish President Recep Tayyip, claimed the Akıncı’s 1,500 horsepower makes it “the world’s most powerful and highest combat-capable unmanned combat aerial vehicle” of its class. 

The Akıncı is the largest and most advanced drone Turkey has built to date, significantly more advanced than its Bayraktar TB2 predecessor, which has earnt a fearsome reputation during involvement in conflicts such as Syria, Libya, and the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region in 2020.

The new model has a 20-meter wingspan and can carry more of the Smart Micro Munitions (MAM-L) the TB2 uses, alongside other weaponry such as long-range air-to-surface cruise missiles built by Roketsan that can hit targets up to 240km away.

As with the TB2, Turkey plans to export the Akıncı. Baykar has already completed export deals with two countries for the new drone, the company’s CEO Haluk Bayraktar said on Wednesday. 

Baykar also has plans for a more advanced Akıncı C variant in the near future. That model will come equipped with twin engines capable of producing a total of 1,900 horsepower. 

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