MHP and AKP female voters differ on support for exiting the Istanbul Convention

Women voting for Turkey's ruling coalition parties differ in the amount of support they have for the decision to exit the Istanbul Convention, according to a survey by Yöneylem Social Research Center

On Monday, Bianet English reported that the survey found that half of women voters in Turkey were against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's sudden decision to exit the Istanbul Convention, an international treaty aimed at combatting gender-based violence. The decision was met with outrage and protest across Turkish cities by citizens opposed to the move because it took place against the backdrop of a rising number of femicides in the country.

The survey was conducted by Yöneylem in 27 provinces in March. It interviewed 3,140 people.

Voters from Erdogan's Justice and Development Party (AKP) generally approved of the choice with about 41 percent of respondents describing it as the right move. Only 15.9 percent considered the decision to be the wrong one. Another 41.9 percent expressed no opinion. 

Voters surveyed from the National Movement Party (MHP), Erdogan's coalition partner, expressed similar sentiments with 41.6 percent saying the decision to exit was correct. A larger number, 32 percent, labeled it as a wrong move and another 20.3 percent said they had no opinion. 

The results diverge when those surveyed are divided into male and female voters. About 41 percent of women voters for the AKP praised the decision compared to 21.5 percent of MHP women voters. A majority of MHP women opposed the decision with 58.2 percent disagreeing with it.
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